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This will be home to all things animated.  Work that I have created in the past, animations in progress, recently finished pieces or work that I just want to share that I find inspirational and entertaining.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (2008)-
Here is the Pre-Vis video that we created during per-production on TFU to concept and demonstrate force powers.  This helped the team visualize the level we wanted to push the limits of force powers to and set a common fore site in creating an overall look and feel for the game.  I am responsible for shot 1: (Force Push), shot 3: (Force Repulse, Ground Stab) and the last shot 6: (Force Grip)


Star Wars: Episode III (2005)-
Here are some animations that I did for this game including the LucasArts logo.



Armando said...

The Transformers animations are EPIC!!

Patrick Przybyla said...

Armando!!!! what's up man how you doin? Thanks appreciate it :)